Thursday, March 27, 2008

Matt's Baptism

We really want to take a space on the blog to congratulate our brother-in-law Matt on his recent baptism. He was baptized on Tuesday, March 25, 2008 in Magna, Utah. We forced him and Amanda to pose for this photo right before the baptism. We are very proud of Matt for taking this huge and important step, and we are proud of Amanda for supporting him in his efforts. We know what a difficult decision this can be, but we want them to know we love them and support them all the way. We know they will be greatly rewarded for it.
This is Amanda and Matt with David Miles (we think that was his name; sorry Matt if that is wrong) and Elder Sanchez. The baptism was great. There were some talks about baptism and the Holy Ghost, and my mom sang a beautiful song as one of the musical numbers. There was a strong spirit during the whole thing. Our girls were even relatively well behaved.
Now Darci keeps asking when she can be baptized, and also wants to know when the Easter Bunny will be baptized and if she can attend that one. Since she just learned that the Easter Bunny even exists I am not sure how to break it to her that he probably has not even had the discussions yet.

Easter Sunday

We really don't push the whole "Easter Bunny" idea with our kids, so when Easter morning arrived the girls were a little stunned to see a bunch of treats and toys left my some mysterious bunny.
However, there were no complaints about what he left.
We have had to explain to Darci each day since that the Easter Bunny is like Santa and only comes once a year, which is not for a very long time. She thought that was a great idea. I have to confess that this is the first year that we have had the Easter Bunny at our house. I know, but before anyone decides I am some lazy parent, let me justify my actions by saying it was because I really didn't want a lot of treats around that I would just end up eating. I guess that still makes my motives purely selfish. Oh well.
The good news is that my girls actually finished off most of the candy by Monday morning. In fact, I think I had to snitch some from their baskets when I realized that I was not going to get any marshmallow chocolate bunnies. They never missed them. Besides, they did get some non-candy items. We occasionally try to give the gifts that keep on giving something besides sugar highs and type II Diabetes.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It has been a while since I have updated. I think that is because it is so much easier to post when I have photos to accompany my day-to-day life. However, since most of the photos are still in our camera, the pictures will have to wait until another day.
However, I do feel that there is something worth mentioning to everyone who has listened to my Darci woes. I just have to say that she is doing very well lately. Yesterday was a marked day that I want to remember so I am posting it on the blog.
I had a total breakdown in judgment yesterday and decided to take the girls shopping to the outlets in Park City. My mom came with us, but we were both shopping for different things. So we decided to each take a child.
I conceded Maile to my mom since she is decidedly the easier of the two, and I took Darci. Things did not start out well. We had a total fiasco in Pac Sun which included me telling her to stay with me and she completely ignoring me until I got angry. All you parents who are familiar with this scenario know how frustrating it is to repeat things over and over and feel like you are just talking to yourself.
SO, I grabbed her and left the store in a bit of a rage. I found a corner near an alley between stores and made her sit there and I walked around the corner and sat on a bench where I could still see her but she could not see me. She was crying and screaming and asking for Daddy. People walking by kept looking at her and, upon seeing me, asked if she was alright. I politely explained that she was in trouble but that she was otherwise fine. Embarrassing? Very. Worth it? Well, after makeshift "timeout" was over I told her if she wanted to go sit in the car the rest of the time that would be fine with me and she would not get any food or be allowed to play on the little playground they have there. She agreed to behave.
I think what happened after that was a miracle. She was like a different child. I guess the playground thing really resonated. She held my hand, she stayed by me. If I moved, she followed. She helped me try on clothes and asked what colors I liked. She was very polite to the clerks when we had to leave and she thanked me for letting her come with me. I am not sure what to say except that I think things are looking up.
This is not a normal experience, but I believe that her behavior is improving and the help we are getting might be paying off. This is the first time I have really seen a change, but I sure hope they keep coming because I am really likin' it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Maile discovered dirt yesterday. Heaven help us all.

She sure thought it was great. I think we may have to invest in some smaller shovels.

However, it was nice to see the sun again after such a long winter.

I was shaking dirt out of clothing almost all night long. I think both girls think it was worth it.

Fun Weekend

Some friends invited us to go snowshoeing with some friends last weekend, and it was a challenge. We had a great time, however, and really did not mind the stiff muscles or tired limbs that we are still feeling today.

We hiked along the "snowmobile only" road for about 4 miles to reach the cabin. It was uphill pretty much the entire way, but we were not discouraged. It was a good chance to escape the smog and congestion of city life and remember that we love the mountains.

Did I mention that we were all carrying 40lb packs?

This is me objecting to having my picture taken.

I should have objected to this one. We stopped here for lunch and a sun screen application break.

David hardly even broke a sweat.

I think that considering it was our first time snowshoeing it was not half bad. I think we would even do it again.

You really can't beat the views!

This is the cabin we stayed in. Thanks to everyone, we had a really great time!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

In honor of Teacher Comp day we decided to take a trip to the Hogle Zoo. The girls had a lot of fun and we were blessed with very pleasant weather.
This was the coolest part of the Zoo. They were feeding the tigers when we got there and they are so big, and gorgeous, and fun to watch
Maile liked everything we saw. I think she liked it more then Darci.
Darci had to see how she measured up.
Maile too.
We took our large double jogging stroller with us, but not once did either of the girls ride in it. They wanted to walk the whole time. What troopers!
Nothing like a little lunch of PB&J by the penguins. Fortunately we were down-wind from the fishy smell.
Maile and Darci loved the giraffes. Darci kept calling all of them Melman. I found that funny since we don't even own the movie Madagascar.
These tiger statues were kind of close together and Darci got her foot stuck between them. She was stressed, but we had to take a picture.
Maile and Grandpa looking at the bears.
The cougars were alert and fun to watch. It is rare that we come this early in the year, so it was nice to see them awake and looking around.
More with the pacing black bear.
Darci and grandpa with the elephants.
Maile holding on for dear life.
Cool shot of the Rhino.
We detoured a little to play and rest from running all over the zoo.
Darci and Maile got to play on the giant elephant. In the summer it squirts water, but this time it was a good think it didn't or we would have been wet and sorry.But they did get to see the real thing, and that was the best part to them.