Monday, May 21, 2007

Looking Forward to Summer!

This is me with my youngest baby Maile. She is growing too fast and someday I am going to upload some more recent photos of her. For now, this is one of my favorites.
My life this week has been rather crazy. I am working two jobs and that amounts to seven days a week at one job or the other as well as time spent in the evenings or overlapping jobs trying to keep up. Things get a little hectic with David working still and football starting. The coach wants him to "step things up a little" and coach more. This will make him less available at home, but then we are kind of getting used to that. Hopefully this will be something we can adjust to and not neglect our family responsibilities. We really look forward to summer for that reason! Perhaps this year it will feel more like actually summer. Last summer was dominated by the birth of Maile, so we did not get to take any vacations or really enjoy it like we wanted. It's okay, because we have our sweet child, but we are ready for some fun this year! I am making plans for trips, movies, parks and bike rides. It will be busy, but I think we will make some good memories. At least, that is the plan.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This is my daughter getting her face painted. She wanted to have the same picture on her face as she had on her shirt. I think it is a pretty good match.

This is my cute family last September at Snowbird's Oktoberfest. It was a pretty day and I was finally feeling better. I had a C-section with almost 2 months before, and was really happy to be back up in the mountains. My kids really enjoyed the fresh air, and David and I loved the great scenery.
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