Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More updating (Summer)

So I am sitting here at parent teacher conferences and am bored out of my mind so I am deciding to continue to update our blog. Maybe with all this free time I will get caught up. So here goes:

This summer we put Darci in T-ball. It was quite an experience and fairly hard for me to watch. It is amazing how little they pay attention and how they try to occupy themselves. I have never seen so many ball players picking flowers and twirling and trying to do headstands.

Maile always liked to go to the games because then she could play wither her favorite person aside from grandpa, Scarlet.

In the end of May we went to the zoo with our family and some friends. The girls absolutely loved every bit of t except when we went home

It was even nice for Erin to come and play with them as well. The merry-go-round was there favorite I think. While there we got caught in a torrential downpour. It was pretty bad. Maile loved it and kept trying to go out and play in it until the thunder crashed. Once that happened she didn't stay far from mom and dad.
I think all our running around is fun for the kids but between my work and Nat's work the kids get dragged around, usually early in the morning and we have just run Maile ragged. She is always so tired by about 6 that she could go to bed then, and sometimes she does, in her chair.

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