Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kids say the darnedest things

So while I took a break from updating our blog the funniest thing happened. We had just finished dinner and were on our way to Nat's brothers house for dessert. As we were in the car Darci and Maile were singing Battlefield by Jordan Sparks. That is one of their favorite songs. Well Maile all of the sudden starts singing "Jesus wants me for a...battlefield, battlefield, battlefield." I know it is a little blasphemous but I couldn't help but laugh. I was hilarious!


Melinda said...

Okay, Maile is hysterical! Love it!

Love all the updates, atleast you have good reason to be slacking--you guys have been busy!!

walkerbunch said...

Glad that you guys are blogging again! Looks like you've had a fun summer.